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Conventional Property Selling Cycle
Hesitant Purchasers: Potential buyers may negotiate or backtrack, causing doubt and uncertainty about the sale’s completion.
Preparation: Marketing a home necessitates enhancements to entice buyers, possibly necessitating additional investment from you.
Viewings: Organizing and hosting open houses for potential buyers is necessary before a sale.
Waiting Period: You may anticipate a minimum wait of two months (with some luck) to finalize your property’s sale.
Ludlow Investment Group
Quick Buyers: The fast decision of buyers can lead to certain sales with confidence in the sale’s finalization.
Preparation: You are not required to present your property appealingly, which may involve repair costs.
Viewings: Arranging visits for potential buyers is not essential before selling.
No Wait is Required: The sale process could be completed within 12-22 days with the deal close and total payment.

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